8: A Tribute to JKs

This week’s show centered on the idea of news and reporting in the twitter age, the responsibility of the individual and the collective in reporting, and whether accuracy is a subjective necessity as things are shared. In far lighter topics, a quick rundown of Primus’ new Rush-flavored tour, and what it’s like to stare at the Night Sky for 8 hours.

Thanks for staying on this road with us!

7: The Casserole Episode

You might not appreciate flow, but that’s because you haven’t heard OUR flow! Join us while we discuss the Epic Games Mega Sale, the latest Elon Musk fun, how much Trek is too much Trek, and …. A deep dive into whether we’re paying attention to any of it any way…*taps mic*

Thanks for staying on this road with us!

6: Op-1 Kenobi

For this week, we took a healthy chunk of time to discuss the old-but-new-again OP-1 synth, with the newly released “field” update, and why it’s the belle of the technorati ball. We also poke at Microsoft’s difficulties with this past weekend’s Xbox Live outage, and sprinkle our disappointment about Starfield and Redfall being delayed into 2023 on top! Thanks for staying on this road with us!

5: Get Off My Future Lawn

On the pod we talk about Microsoft’s upcoming “E3” the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, and the hope for a solid hit with Starfield. We talk about the push to bring “seasons” into games, where it works, and where it falls flat, and dive into “woke” Trek and Sci-Fi’s role as a messenger for our better selves.