1: Tween Riker!

Back at this for our Season 2 Premiere episode, Rich and I find out that Internet is a utility, Star Trek CAN be great again, and Donald Glover is generally never wrong.  I take fleeting moment to praise a small slice of Succession, we replace Extrapolation on our watchlist, and we even take the time to be grumpy old men about advertising on paid services.

Thanks for staying on this road with us! 

52: Year One

To the surprise and delight of all (or at least, your humble podcast hosts), we have arrived at a full year of weekly podcasts!  Rich and
I reflect on the journey thus far, and the road not yet traveled.  We also chat on a couple of Oscar contenders, a masterful McEvoy performance, and sex-crazed Russian refrigerators.

Thanks for staying on this road with us!  All Year Long!

51: Legal Right To Skeet

This week’s podcast was truly a miraculous deliverance, intentioned with ideas and musings on the content we love and love to share. Come with us on our detour towards how vile copyright can be to the consumption and preservation of art, and my subsequent incongruent by-the-numbers assessment of The Last of Us against its groundswell of support by the Playstation faithful. Perhaps Tom Petty said it best when he shared, “As we celebrate mediocrity, all the boys upstairs want to see. How much you’ll pay for what you used to get for free.”

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50: Crockets

By the skin of our teeth we crossed this week’s finish line of the podcast race, dear listeners! While I struggle through a temporary podcasting workstation this week, discussions of two totally current TV shows have indeed occurred. We also lament some delayed games for 2023, while simultaneously praising Rich’s near clairvoyant power to forsee Starfield’s new later release

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It’s as fine a week as any to welcome our robot overlords! We have a totally non-AI-powered podcast for you, fine listeners, tackling a good Star Wars game from yore, and a pair of movies now fully digested by the both of us for proper commentary. There’s even a pour-out for the Nevers sequel movie that only exists in our heads and…in Bing’s datacenters now, I guess.

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48: Nevermania

Who knew that lawyering could be both fun AND informative? Your loyal podcasting team here at Interscription, that’s who! A fond farewell is bid to our Victorian X-women in our review of Part 2 of The Nevers, a touch of controversy (always good for flavor) is in discussion around The Last of Us, and we dive a bit into Microsoft’s ongoing stratagems to acquire ABK.

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47: All ‘Cels Are Bad

We have arrived in an alternate dimension where I am talking about football for longer than the sport deserves! Please send help (and properly accessible copies of The Nevers) as we find more things to complain about, like technology not listening to us, and how upsells in productivity software is hella lame.

Thanks for staying on this road with us!

46: Starfield in Israel

What better time than now for us to inspect the State of OUR Union here at Interscription, a place where politics, mushrooms, Nazis and cel-shading get equal air time! This week’s haul is rife with connection, with relationships, and with 8’s across the board. Join our week in review on shows current and less-so, and even a rhythm-filled Rush of Hi-Fidelity in our nod of gaming.

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45: There’s Always Problems With The Humans

It was Nicholas Johnson who said, “A viewer who skips the advertising is the moral equivalent of a shoplifter.” Steal away an hour of your time with us as we waywardly wind through a myriad of topics, ranging from how to advertise to people in this new world, a couple of dystopian shows to be hopeful for, and a chat around the lawful use of our precious Netflix accounts.

Thanks for staying on this road with us!