17: A Piece of the Octo-Pie

Today we head into the high seas to talk a bit about eh ethics of archiving streaming services. We hit on the problems of content in a world of “death by a thousand services” and the need for a unified experience. We also are unanimous in our love of cinnamon toast crunch that keeps the scurvy away, and whether it’s okay to go back in time to fix that arrrrr rating.

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16: In Matters of Representation

Join us in today’s discussion where we share our grossly unqualified opinions on representation in media, our overly qualified opinions on gaming, and our ever-questionably qualified opinions on pixel art.

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15: Two Hands On Deck

Today’s episode is a celebration of initial thoughts and impressions of Rich’s new Steam Deck, along with questions answered and new ones considered for the long term of the device. Tune is as we open the Valve on our curiosities around this new gaming machine, and push full Steam ahead on exploring its capabilities.

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14: The Broken Road of Pixel Art

Today we dive into the world of TV with Stranger things, night sky (which was canceled within seconds of us recording this episode) and white lotus, and the exploration of multiple storylines within a single narrative. We also cover some of the games we’ve been playing, which takes us from the importance of pixels to the wordless exploration of the journey, never the destination.

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13: The Keys To The West World

Welcome To Interscription. It’s another slow news week as we tackle Akai’s new MPC Key 61, a discussion of West World’s Season 4 opener and its place in the wider arc of their universe, and a quick update on what else we’re watching.

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