10: It Was Always Tom

It’s a death-defying episode of media and tech review this week, with a full segment dedicated to the world’s favorite Max show, the Succession Finale, and another dedicated towards escaping this world for the one Zuckerberg promises us with a VR overview and quick review for a noob to the meta quest pro.  And a tease at a second podcast that we cooked up on the fly about making furniture!
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9: Project What?

In a rather uncharacteristic move for we the stewards of your consumable content, Rich and I spend the majority of this week’s episode discussing Sony’s Playstation Showcase for 2023.  We cover the highs and lows of the announced games and the lows of the announced hardware.  Oh, and a quick stop on why Nate sucks.

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8: 47 Cents & A Lollipop

Another week has come and gone with Rich and I discussing the world of pop music, among other well-informed topics by your favorite podcasting duo.  Enjoy a tailored episode of gaming reviews while Rich swiftly delivers his thoughts on Ghostwire: Tokyo and a staggering 15 minutes of Redfall.  We also strike at
the bloody heart of the WGA negotiations, and whether their opposition will shake them off at the bargaining table.
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7: Flatpack with Lips

Soaring through the AI-generated minds at Google, we spend our time parsing this week’s I/O conference, dreaming of a world where devices are flexible and priced fairly.  A quick stop in handheld PC gaming is also on our docket this week, discussing the Asus ROG Ally announcement, the future of Windows handhelds, and Rich Tripping the Tokyo Fantastic.

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6: This Week’s Bloodbath

It’s been a pretty terrifically tough week for Microsoft with the one-two punch of the UK’s CMA ruling, and a less-than-charitable reception for Redfall in the press.  Fear not, though, as Phil Spencer takes to the virtual airwaves with pragmatism and humility, while giving us a strong foundation to discuss Microsoft’s current position in the gaming universe this week.

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5: YellowSmokingJacket

Nuns with complicated relationship dynamics?  A Steam Deck with an extra helping of Win and juice?  Legal kung-fu?  Allow us to be your age-appropriate elected officials as we navigate the labyrinthine world of tech rumors, tech competition, and a small thing called The Presidency.

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4: 14 Top Exes, Needed Two…Why?

Cath Crowley said, “If you don’t want a generation of robots, fund the arts!”  Rich and I are here to answer all of the world’s questions when robots are the ones making art, and what might be left for us poor meatbags and our dwindling supply of horses.  Speaking of Beef, we speak further on the completed season, and take a moment to praise Barry, the best television ever, according to your favorite two robots.

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3: FPS to the Max

If you’re feeling a little bit emotionally askew, allow us to prop you up while we electrify you with the thoughtful discussion on movies and shows we’ve experienced this last week.  As always, we want to increase engagement, enhance retention, strengthen performance and optimize monetization in our sitting room of media exploration.

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2: The Liberals Won

Pull up an expensive and well-intentioned virtue seat here at the Interscription podcast, gentle listeners!  As half the world celebrates a resounding success for Tuesday, we concentrate on a great many items, new and evergreen, including our Life’s True Potential as Podcasters, shows that are and are not Half Bad, and whether any of us have grooved hard enough today.

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1: Tween Riker!

Back at this for our Season 2 Premiere episode, Rich and I find out that Internet is a utility, Star Trek CAN be great again, and Donald Glover is generally never wrong.  I take fleeting moment to praise a small slice of Succession, we replace Extrapolation on our watchlist, and we even take the time to be grumpy old men about advertising on paid services.

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