18: Live In The Studio

This week’s particular stretch of podcast road is done LIVE and IN PERSON, with Rich and I winging it on bellies full of burger and brew.  Topics include just how zany Strange New Worlds can get, and a staggeringly deep dive on the form factors available to us on the new crop of foldable phones introduced at this year’s Samsung Unpacked 2023.

17: Jason AIdean

“I don’t WANT to play anymore”, so sayeth your favorite podcast hosts.  Today’s spirited interchange of ideas whisks us through being engaged in all the wrong places through social media.  We thankfully stop our rambling train at the station to discuss AI and its diabolical implications on artists, and a small visit to some games I’ve been playing to pass the time until the robots come.

16: Rat Tale

A lawyer’s work is never done, and this has never been more true for our beer-enjoying on-staff legal representative, Rich.  We delve into the totally-not-final ruling of Judge Corley on the FTC v. Microsoft PI hearing, and I bid adieu to a tale of a plague, while holding up the coffee end of The Dehydration Duo.

A Mischief of Clones

Rats! Another week, another Twitter competitor enters the chat here in the tech world. In a short-by-explosive episode, Rich and I tackle the multitude of potential usurpers to Elon’s new 44 billion dollar toy, as well as a moment or two on stealth games and the inquisition.