33: Kang-Celled

It is factual that mobile gaming is still gaming, and this week we’re playing with words in a whole new light as Rich and I trade mobile word games live!  Marvel fatigue also continues to be real, and a not-so-gentle reminder that iMessage is just better, and your faith is just not strong enough.

32: The Wonder of Mankind’s Discovery

Is Star Trek too silly?  Does watching old people on TV suck?  Are drugs bad for you?  And how many emails are too many?  Rich and I attempt to answer these questions, but mostly have discovered that coffee is probably the answer to all questions, and if it isn’t, keep drinking boys and girls!

Covering Star Trek Discovery, For All Mankind, Super Mario Wonder and More!

31: What Lucky Men

After I traversed a nearly unhealthy amount of the Northeast this week, it’s time to settle down in front of a microphone and talk about portable gaming.  Rich regales us with a Legion of where handheld gaming can Go given enough sweat equity and kitchen sink.  And rich people towns have been measured and found wanting! (Lenovo Legion Go Review)