29: Kill ‘Em With Kindness (Meta Quest 3, Talk To Me, PS5 Slim)

After a brief and unexpected hiatus from the airwaves, we have returned to your weekly experience, dear listeners!  Our journey this week takes us through a pair of puzzle (and sometimes puzzling) games, a horror movie with Those Damned Kids in it, and a PS5 price increase, all leading to some commentary on Meta’s new VR/AR headset. 

27: Who wrote Doug Burgum? (Republican Debate, The Continental, No One Will Save You)

There is little question that our world would be a fair bit better if it were filled with all assassins, all aliens or all pirates, but instead we have too many politicians.  Rich and I discuss The Continental, No One Will Save You, and One Piece on our media consumption tour, and take some time to meander about the 2nd Republican Debates, as well as a few moments on the WGA strike victory.