27: Who wrote Doug Burgum? (Republican Debate, The Continental, No One Will Save You)

There is little question that our world would be a fair bit better if it were filled with all assassins, all aliens or all pirates, but instead we have too many politicians.  Rich and I discuss The Continental, No One Will Save You, and One Piece on our media consumption tour, and take some time to meander about the 2nd Republican Debates, as well as a few moments on the WGA strike victory.

26: Copilot Week (Microsoft Leaks, Tokyo Games Showcase, Surface and Copilot Announcements)

It is with great pains that I bring you the news of the week, gentle listenership – we’re talking about Microsoft stuff for a whole damned hour!  Our topics du jour include a mammoth leak of pending plans for the Xbox division, a few notable announcements from the Tokyo Games Showcase, the Surface-but-totally-AI event in NYC this week, and a quick mention of ActiBlizzard fun.

25: Titanium Tapping – “Apple’s Wanderlust Event 2023”

While we did not take a break from watching television and movies this week, our ever-objective gaze was cast primarily on the Apple Wanderlust press event for 2023, where we were reminded that people wearing smartwatches are alive because of it, that tapping is the new swiping, and that a customizable button is as new and fresh as a USB-C port.  Oh and Mother Nature is Octavia Spencer for five minutes.

23: “Tree Monkeys on Nitrous Oxide” – Starfield, Bramble and Hijack

Well met, Star Travelers!  We take to the cosmos this week on a path towards this week’s early access release of Starfield.  I spend a few moments exploring Nordic mythology in my review of Bramble: The Mountain King, and we stare dreamily into Idris Elba’s eyes while appreciating the romp that is Hijack.  And we’ve finally answered the question: are they gay? 

22: Is it CG?

Back in the land of proper professional audio, Rich and I relish in the extraordinary headroom and high fidelity of good gear to bring you this week’s episode. We take a few moments to chat about Avatar 2, stop off in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2023, and express rage and disappointment at Sony stealing another of Microsoft’s moves.

21: Gute Vorzeichen

Another week of jam-packed schedules and alternative methods of recording is in store for us all, but Rich and I managed to bring it all together!  With precious little media consumption time this week, I managed to eek out a viewing of Sisu, and Rich dances with angels and titans.  Also, as my son said so many years ago, “Texas is damned hot.”

20: MySomerville Network

May it always be said that we are here for the work!  Rich is in the field this week and recording amidst technical hurdles to bring you the best in podcasting entertainment!  We continue a bit of Star Trek Discovery banter, and explore which is more WTF: Somerville or The Black Tower. 

19: Indictment, Insurrection & Isaacs

It’s a week of Discovery here on the Interscription pod, full of learnings on the inner workings of our political systems in the United States, Cintra and Nilfgard. I finally crack into Star Trek Discovery, and a week of completed seasons of shows are discussed, culminating in a pine-e promise to watch the Barbie Movie before we reconvene.

18: Live In The Studio

This week’s particular stretch of podcast road is done LIVE and IN PERSON, with Rich and I winging it on bellies full of burger and brew.  Topics include just how zany Strange New Worlds can get, and a staggeringly deep dive on the form factors available to us on the new crop of foldable phones introduced at this year’s Samsung Unpacked 2023.