1: Interscription Episode 1: The First One

In our first non beta episode we kick off with a new theme song by our host Rich, chat about ray tracing and why Minecraft on Xbox should have it, the future of trade shows as E3 announces cancellation of the 2022 show, a game-changing Plex announcement and more.  
A quick shoutout to Twisted Electrons and the Blast Beats, which was the audio toy that was being played with off-camera.  Twisted Electrons is an amazing indie synth shop with a specialty for building unique synths out of old chips this one from an FM synth chip featured on soundblaster cards in the 90s.  

1: Interscription – Beta 1

Fans of betas? Abusive use of a soundboard? Like your podcasts without intros or structures while your hosts figure out how to podcast? You’ve come to the right place. In this pre-launch episode, Tim and Rich talk Tunic, the possibility of Microsoft adding a family plan to Gamepass, Sony’s new streaming offering and more. We also smash the applause button for ourselves a few times to make sure it works.

Interscription is a Tech, Gaming, and Culture podcast by two podcasters with kids, careers and a love of all things creative content. We’re basically doing what we’d be doing anyway – yammering on about all the things we love, but we hit the record button.