17: Jason AIdean

“I don’t WANT to play anymore”, so sayeth your favorite podcast hosts.  Today’s spirited interchange of ideas whisks us through being engaged in all the wrong places through social media.  We thankfully stop our rambling train at the station to discuss AI and its diabolical implications on artists, and a small visit to some games I’ve been playing to pass the time until the robots come.

16: Rat Tale

A lawyer’s work is never done, and this has never been more true for our beer-enjoying on-staff legal representative, Rich.  We delve into the totally-not-final ruling of Judge Corley on the FTC v. Microsoft PI hearing, and I bid adieu to a tale of a plague, while holding up the coffee end of The Dehydration Duo.

A Mischief of Clones

Rats! Another week, another Twitter competitor enters the chat here in the tech world. In a short-by-explosive episode, Rich and I tackle the multitude of potential usurpers to Elon’s new 44 billion dollar toy, as well as a moment or two on stealth games and the inquisition.

14: Assessing Wrath

It would be a fine time for Rich and I to escape to the virtual world amidst the second round of smokey skies this year, and a freshly damaged roof situation.  Stay awhile as Rich discusses the stunning scale of Norse mythology in Asgard’s Wrath, and I chat a bit about how gross medieval
rats are.  Too, this week would not be complete without not-so-quick stop in court to see how fair and balanced the FTC is being in the Microsoft-ABK merger proceedings.

13: Civic of Duty

This week is dominated by a round table (if a table of two can be round?) conversation on the highlights of the Xbox Games Showcase earlier this month.  We also are provided with expert legal analysis on the extremely current and shockingly exciting developments in the Microsoft ABK merger, but not before Rich and I share very different experiences in connected online games.

Thanks for staying on this road with us!

12: A Chorus of Portability

One of our shortest and sweetest episodes yet, we navigate a brief by fun tour of Asus’ new portable handheld the ROG Ally, with a small stop at sci-fi ship shooter Chorus, and round it out with a celebration death knell for spinning platter hard drives
Thanks for staying on this road with us!

11: Thirty Four Ninety Nine

June brings with it a great many tech shows and season finales, so Rich and I are here to bring you our thoughts of those very things!  Listen this week as I refuse anything but a gold star for Barry, wade through the sea of animation that comprises Across The Spiderverse, and then engage in a lengthy discussion on Apple’s WWDC announcements, with a special focus on Vision Pro spatial computing aspirations. Thanks for staying on this road with us!

10: It Was Always Tom

It’s a death-defying episode of media and tech review this week, with a full segment dedicated to the world’s favorite Max show, the Succession Finale, and another dedicated towards escaping this world for the one Zuckerberg promises us with a VR overview and quick review for a noob to the meta quest pro.  And a tease at a second podcast that we cooked up on the fly about making furniture!
Thanks for staying on this road with us!

9: Project What?

In a rather uncharacteristic move for we the stewards of your consumable content, Rich and I spend the majority of this week’s episode discussing Sony’s Playstation Showcase for 2023.  We cover the highs and lows of the announced games and the lows of the announced hardware.  Oh, and a quick stop on why Nate sucks.

Thanks for staying on this road with us!

8: 47 Cents & A Lollipop

Another week has come and gone with Rich and I discussing the world of pop music, among other well-informed topics by your favorite podcasting duo.  Enjoy a tailored episode of gaming reviews while Rich swiftly delivers his thoughts on Ghostwire: Tokyo and a staggering 15 minutes of Redfall.  We also strike at
the bloody heart of the WGA negotiations, and whether their opposition will shake them off at the bargaining table.
Thanks for staying on this road with us!